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Jean LaLonde Education Committee Chair Muskegon River Watershed Assembly

“They Don’t Look Alike”

Jean LaLonde Education Committee Chair Muskegon River Watershed Assembly “Have you ever been told you look just like your mom or dad?” When third graders from Big Rapids area schools came to my teaching station on May 10th at Cran-Hill Ranch I asked them all that question. As they thought about that, I showed them…
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The Scientific Approach

By Ron Kadelsik View Full Report PDF As MRWA resource committee chair, I preside over an exceptional gathering of subject matter experts in all areas of conservation and natural resource management. Actual attendance at our semiannual meetings varies based on current issues and projects but the core group consists of representatives from regional, state and…
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Infographic Native Buffer Zone Muskegon River

Native Shoreline Buffers to Protect Water Quality

By Dixie Ward, Project Manager Muskegon River Watershed Assembly A shoreline buffer is an inexpensive, effective, and agreeable means to help treat typical runoff from our watershed and preserve the cleanliness of our open water bodies. Vegetation that is planted or purposely left in place next to a water body serves as a barrier against…
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Bear Lake Michigan Waterfront Home Owners Gather

Natural Shoreline Gardens Stop Pollutants Entering Lakes & Waterways

Find out what you can do for Twin, West, Middle, North and Bear Lakes and Bear Creek Waterfront owners with property on the above waterbodies can stop pollutants from entering their lakes with beautiful Natural Shoreline gardens using native plants. A free program will be offered on Saturday, August 27, from 1 pm—4:00 pm at…
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Sunny Skies Warm Temps

We still have openings for the fun paddle on Saturday June 11th. The forecast is for sunny skies and temps in the 80’s. Should be a great day.

Fun Paddle Next Saturday June 11

We still have openings for the trip this Saturday. Perfect weather: sunny skies, low 8o’s.  Share a relaxing day on the river with residents like this  handsome guy.  We’ll paddle from Croton to Newaygo. Sure to be a great day. Sign up now.  

Introduction – Spring Newsletter 2016

Recently, the debate over Michigan aquaculture has intensified, with outspoken, often passionate advocates on both sides of the issue. In Lansing, there are bills pending in the house and senate for and against open net-pen fish farms in the Great Lakes.  In addition, a proposal to increase production of a facility on the Au Sable…
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Overview – Spring Newsletter 2016

Strictly speaking, aquaculture systems – fish farms – have operated continuously in Michigan since 1873 when the Michigan Fish Commission, predecessor to the DNR Fisheries Division, established the state hatchery program. Replenishing fish populations lost to pollution and habitat destruction was the primary function. For the most part, the Michigan aquaculture industry has operated quietly…
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Then and There, Here and Now – Spring Newsletter 2016

If you are searching for the origins of the current debate, two important and apparently unrelated events stand out: In 1982, the first open net-pen fish farm begins operations in the Great lakes. In 2014, the operator of the Grayling Fish hatchery applies for a permit to increase capacity.   Great Lakes Fish Farms In…
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House Bill 5255 – Spring Newsletter 2016

A message from Rep. Bumstead on House Bill 5255   Like most Michigan residents, I feel fortunate to live in a state with abundant natural beauty and I am fiercely protective when our natural resources are threatened. At this time, I am concerned that the Great Lakes, surely the most precious resources of all, are…
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