General Watershed Data: General Watershed Data

A Field Guide to Aquatic Exotic Plants and Animals
(Great Lakes Sea Grant Network) - pictures and descriptions of aquatic exotic plants and animals.

A Guide to Healthy Eating of the Fish You Catch
(EPA) - help in selection and preparation of fish that you catch.

Aquatic Nuisance Identification Cards
(UMN - to order free of charge) pictures and description of many aquatic nuisance species.

Brown Trout
a fact sheet about brown trout.

Fish and Wildlife Resources of the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands within the U.S.
overview of fish and wildlife resources, impact of Great Lakes water level fluctuations, common and scientific names for vegetation, fish and other wildlife.

an internet database of information about particular species of fish.

Functions and Values of Wetlands
(EPA) the beneficial services wetlands provide for fish and wildlife.

Great Lakes Fish Stocking
(GLFC) a centralized, comprehensive database of all fish stocked into the Great Lakes from artificial propagation.

Investigation and Valuation of Fish Kills
Excerpts from book of efforts by members of the American Fisheries Society to develop and refine methods for sampling and placing values on fish kills.

Lake Michigan Subbasin
fact sheet on the Lake Michigan Subbasin of St. Lawrence Watershed

Marine and Estuarine Protection
(EPA) - programs and activities (to order).

Mercury in the Upper Midwest: A Must-Read Report for Anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
(IWLA) examines the extent of mercury-contaminated game fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Michigan Fish Atlas Maps
(MDNR) maps showing distributions of fish in Michigan, both historical and current.

Michigan State Game Areas and other Wildlife Areas
(MDNR) an alphabetical listing of Michigan's State Game Areas and other wildlife areas with corresponding maps.

Non-indigenous Fish Management Information
(MDNR) - regulations and management.

Record Book of some Great Lakes Catches
record of biggest fish that have been caught in the Great Lakes.

Research Monitoring of the Lake Michigan Ecosystem Research
(NOAA) - monitor and assess the health of the Lake Michigan ecosystem.

Round gobies invade North America
a fact sheet about round gobies, identification, range and spread, potential impacts and what you can do.

Ruffe – a new threat to our fisheries
(UofMN) - a fact sheet about ruffe with pictures and description.

State of Michigan’s Environment 2003 Second Biennial Report
(MDEQ) - continues to follow trends in important environmental indicators.

The Tribal Fishery
a history of fishing trade and treaties between Native Americans and the U.S.

Walleye Stocks in the Great Lakes 1800-1975
(GLFC) - fluctuations and probable causes.

“So how much is it worth?”
(USACE) - Evaluation of the economic impacts of recreational fishing under different aquatic plants conditions