General Watershed Data: General Watershed Data

2011-12 Michigan Fish Advisory
(MDCH) lists of fish tested for chemicals in MI lakes and streams.

Ecosystems and Human Well-being
(WRI) how changes in ecosystem services have affected human well-being.

EPA Science Inventory
searchable, agency-wide catalog of current, recently completed, and archived science activities and products.

Human Health Effects of Environmental Contaminants
Overview paper discussing the risk factors of contaminants and their effects.

Mercury and elements in Counties of Upper Midwestern U.S.
(USGS) data about mercury and elements in each county calculated from cells in geochemical grid plotting.

Mercury in the Upper Midwest: A Must-Read Report for Anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
(IWLA) examines the extent of mercury-contaminated game fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Waterborne pathogens: The concept of buffer effectiveness, microbial source tracking and a watershed bacterial model
(NRCS) explores potential pathways for waterborne pathogen movement in watersheds.