General Watershed Data: General Watershed Data

A Natural Landscape Worth Protecting
fact sheet on Land Conservancy of West Michigan.

Codes and Ordinances Worksheet
(CWP) - can be used to see how local development rules stack up against model development principles outlined in Better Site Design.

Conservation Subdivisions
(UCONN) - a fact sheet on design which maximizes open space protection without reducing the number of homes Contact

DNR Land Acquisition Maps
individual county maps depicting DNR ownership.

Fish and Wildlife Resources of the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands within the U.S.
overview of fish and wildlife resources, impact of Great Lakes water level fluctuations, common and scientific names for vegetation, fish and other wildlife.

Growth and Water Resources – The Link Between Land Use and Water Resources
(USEPA) A fact sheet explaining the link between land use and water resources.

Hydrology for Urban Land Planning
1968 (USGS) - a guidebook on the hydrologic effects of urban land use.

Lakes, Wetlands, and Streams as Predictors of Land Use/Cover Distribution
hypothesis that the presence of aquatic ecosystems influences the spatial distribution of human land use.

Lakeside Landscaping and Lawncare
a quick guide for homeowners with lists of plants, trees and shrubs to plant for healthy lakeside landscaping.

Michigan Atlas maps
from 1895 with links to each individual county

Michigan Geographic Data Library
information about census, drinking water wells, land cover, political features and maps

Our Built and Natural Environments
(EPA) - review of interactions between land use, transportation and environmental quality.

Pattern to Process: Development of a Signature Program in Land Use and Land Cover Change
(MSU) - brings together existing expertise and provides a basis for new activities.

Paving Our Way to Water Shortages: How Sprawl Aggravates the Effects of Drought
a study investigating what happens to water supplies when we replace our natural areas with roads, parking lots and buildings.

Pine River Natural River Plan
(MDNR) - this report outlines a plan for the protection of the Pine River System.

Protecting Water Resources with Higher-Density Development
(EPA) Impacts of high and low-density development on water resources.

Redevelopment Roundtable Consensus Agreement
(CWP) - promotes Smart Growth.

Riparian Buffer Establishment
(SE MI RC&D Council) - brochure giving buffer basics.

Selling Your Development Rights
(MDNR) a pamphlet describing a unique way you can preserve your property.

Site Planning for Urban Stream Protection
(CWP) - new ways to reduce pollutant loads and protect aquatic resources through non-structural practices.

(Duany, Plater, Zyberk & Co) promotes sustainable urban pattern.

State of Michigan’s Environment 2003 Second Biennial Report
(MDEQ) - continues to follow trends in important environmental indicators.

Stream Sites: Buying, Building and Care
How to select and build correctly beside a stream or river.

Urban Watershed Forestry Manual
(CWP) - introduces the emerging topic of urban watershed forestry.

Water and Smart Growth: The Impacts of Sprawl on Aquatic Ecosystems
(Funders' Network) - importance of protecting our watersheds and the effects of pollution.

Why Smart Growth: A Primer
(ICMA) Explores both positive and negative aspects of growth and suggests how communities can achieve smart growth.