General Watershed Data: General Watershed Data

A Field Guide to Aquatic Exotic Plants and Animals
(Great Lakes Sea Grant Network) - pictures and descriptions of aquatic exotic plants and animals.

Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas
(MSU) - a brochure with a list of 47 plant invaders.

Aquatic Nuisance Identification Cards
(UMN - to order free of charge) pictures and description of many aquatic nuisance species.

Asian Long-horned Beetle
brochure with description, trees it hosts on and how to report suspect beetles.

Canada Thistle
(USDA) - fact sheet with description, habitat, distribution and problem.

Eurasian Watermilfoil
a fact sheet on the origin, distribution and ecological threat.

Japanese Honeysuckle
fact sheet showing the history in US and prevention and control.

Purple Loosestrife
pictures and pest status of purple loosestrife.

Purple Loosestrife in Michigan
the arrival, distribution, botanical information, habitat and growth strategy, ecological effects and control measures concerning purple loosestrife.

Survey of the Literature on the Economic Impact of Aquatic Weeds
a summary providing a basis for estimating the general effects of aquatic weeds.

Water Chestnut
fact sheet on origin, distribution and ecological threat.