General Watershed Data: General Watershed Data

A Local Ordinance to Protect Wetland Functions
(CWP) - guidance on using local ordinances to protect wetland functions.

Codes and Ordinances Worksheet
(CWP) - can be used to see how local development rules stack up against model development principles outlined in Better Site Design.

Floodplain Management
(MDEQ) - information about floodplain management and the National Flood Insurance Program, contracts and mapping.

General Guidelines for Hydrogeological Investigations
(MDEQ) - suggests sequence of work that may be followed by a permit applicant to investigate conditions if a hydrogeological investigation is required.

General NPDES Permit Issues
(EPA) - basic information about the major features and elements of the NPDES permit program.

NPDES Permits
(MDEQ) list of active NPDES permits, general NPDES permits and permits on public notice.

Public Rights on Michigan Waters
Guide on how water rights came to be and current state of law.

Wetlands Protection
(MDEQ) - information about what wetlands are, why they are important, state, federal and local wetland regulations and wetland permits.