Muskegon River Watershed: Muskegon River Watershed

2004 Michigan Family Fish Consumption Guide
important facts to know if you eat Michigan fish.

Brooks Township Land Use Vision
recommendation of ways the health of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, forests and prairies can be improved.

Enterococci as Indicators of Lake Michigan Recreational Water Quality
(Kinzelman, C. et al) a comparison of two methodologies and their impacts on public health regulatory events.

Environmental Focus Group Report
(Muskegon County Health Dept) - documents citizen input concerning personal environmental health perspectives and priorities.

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
(EPA) - 43 areas of concern (AOC) have been identified and are included on this website, including Muskegon Lake.

Great Lakes Fish Consumption Advisories
(IJC) - 2004 paper prepared to stimulate a review of approaches to advising the public about fish consumption.

Health Consultation – Ryerson Creek Sediments
(USDHHS) - health implications of contaminated sediments in Ryerson Creek.

Health Risks Associated with Exposure to Contaminated Sediments – Ruddiman Creek
(MDPH) - human health risk associated with exposure to contaminated sediments in Ruddiman Creek Watershed.

Mecosta County Resource Plan
concerns to be addressed, inventory and evaluation, pollutants and implementation strategies.

Mercury and elements in Counties of Upper Midwestern U.S.
(USGS) data about mercury and elements in each county calculated from cells in geochemical grid plotting.

Mercury in the Upper Midwest: A Must-Read Report for Anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
(IWLA) examines the extent of mercury-contaminated game fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Michigan Open Burning Guide
(MDEQ) - regulations of open burning in Michigan

Muskegon Lake Community Action Plan
2002 Remedial Action Plan Update

Sanitary Regulations for Muskegon County
(Muskegon Co. Health Dept.) - provide a means for safeguarding the environment necessary for the health and welfare of Muskegon County residents.

Testing the Waters
(NRDC) - report of 2008 beach closings and advisories.

Upper Clam River Watershed: Non-Point Source Pollution Control Watershed Plan
goal of this plan is to reduce the major pollutants to the river and lakes and prevent water resources from further degradation.