Muskegon River Watershed: Muskegon River Watershed

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction
For Muskegon River at Evart.

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
(NOAA) - hydrographs containing flow information

Big Rapids Dam Removal Booklet
a booklet explaining the story of the Big Rapids dam removal project in Big Rapids, MI

Cedar Creek Watershed Hydrologic Study
(MDEQ) - developed to determine the effect of land use changes on Cedar Creek's flow regime

Contaminants in Fishes from Great Lakes-Influenced Sections and above Dams of Three Michigan Rivers
1994 & 1995 studies of concentrations of chemicals in composite samples of fishes and the adverse effects on bald eagles and mink which consume these fishes.

Flood Plain Management Services
flood plain planning assistance to states and tribes by the USACE.

Floodplain Management
(MDEQ) - information about floodplain management and the National Flood Insurance Program, contracts and mapping.

Higgins Lake Watershed Management Plan
(Huron Pine RC&D) a management plan for nonpoint source pollution reduction.

Houghton Lake Level Control Special Engineering Investigation Reedsburg Dam
(MI Dept. of Conservation Engineering & Architecture) - January 1954

Hydraulic Analysis – Pine St. over Mitchell Creek
(Wilcox Associates) - for purpose of removing and replacing the Pine St. bridge in Big Rapids.

Hydraulic Characteristics of an Underdrained Irrigation Circle, Muskegon Co. Waste Water Disposal System, 1981
(USGS) - abstract concerning the hydraulic characteristics in Muskegon Co.

Hydro Reporter 2004
Consumers Energy newsletter featuring shoreline survey results, erosion control projects, fishing piers and awards concerning work on the Muskegon River.

Hydrogeologic Assessment Report for Sanctuary Springs Site (entire report)
four volumes containing the hydrogeologic assessment report for Sanctuary Springs, Mecosta County - Perrier Group

Hydrogeologic Assessment Report for Sanctuary Springs Site (executive summary)
four volumes containing the hydrogeologic assessment report for Sanctuary Springs, Mecosta County - Perrier Group

Hydrologic Data Collection and Analysis
(MDEQ) - introduction to hydrology, glossary, storm water management and other information.

Hydrologic Study of the Bear Creek Watershed
(MDEQ) - a hydrologic model of the Bear Creek watershed was developed to help determine the effect of land use changes in the watershed on Bear Creek.

Hydrologic Study of the Ryerson Creek Watershed
(MDEQ) - goal is to better understand Ryerson Creek Watershed's hydrology and the impact of development to address and improve water quality.

Marion Mill Pond and Middle Branch River Restoration and Recreation Project
(Progressive AE) - preliminary engineering evaluation of alternatives to restore the Middle Branch River.

Michigan Geographic Data Library
information about census, drinking water wells, land cover, political features and maps

Mitchell Creek Watershed Hydrologic Study
(MDEQ) - completed at Mitchell Creek, Big Rapids, MI

Model Analysis of the Impact on Groundwater Conditions of the Muskegon County Wastewater Disposal System
(USGS) - abstract on the model analysis of the impact on groundwater conditions of this facility

Muskegon River Management Plan
companion to Muskegon River Watershed Assessment. These documents provide a comprehensive watershed plan to aid Fisheries Division and partners.

Natural Features Inventory and Management Recommendations for Muskegon State Game Area
Prepared by: Jesse M. Lincoln, Michael J. Monfi ls, Yu Man Lee, Peter J. Badra, Aaron P. Kortenhoven, Helen D. Enander, Brian Klatt, and Joshua G. Cohen.

Order Modifying and Approving 2004 Expenditures Pursuant to Article 414
Consumers Energy Commission US FERC Consumers Energy's October 2003 filing including areas for proposed expenditures.

Real-time Data For Michigan
(USGS) real-time data for water quality and streamflow.

Retrospective Analysis of Pre- and Post-Relicensing Flow Regimes on the Lower Muskegon River
(Rudy, et al.) - A report comparing flow regimes associated with hydropower facilities on Muskegon River.

Site Inventory for Michigan
(USGS) discharge information at gaging locations in Michigan.

Slow and Steady Defines Dam Sediment Management Plan
short article about the Big Rapids Dam Removal.

Surface Water Data for Michigan
(USGS) - contains more than 850,000 station years of time-series data that describe stream levels, streamflow, reservoir and lake levels, surface water-quality, etc.

Upper Clam River Stabilization Project Fact Sheet
(MDEQ) - goal to control runoff of sediment and pollutants from Platt Road approach

Water Data Report – Bear Creek
(USGS) - gauge data for 2006 and 2007.

Water Data Report – Clam River and Lake Mitchell
(USGS) - gauge data for 2006 and 2007.

Water Levels Databases
(NOAA) - shows current and past water levels of the Great Lakes.

What’s Facing U.S. Dams
current issues and changing protocol about dams including the Big Rapids dam removal.