Muskegon River Watershed: Muskegon River Watershed

A Survey of Fish-community and Habitat Goals/Objectives/Targets and Status in Great Lakes Areas of Concern
(GLFC) - recommendations for water quality and fishing managers on how to achieve greater coordination and integration of planning.

Acute Toxicity Assessment of Big Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall 001 Effluent
1998 - a daphnia magna acute toxicity test on a grab sample of the wastewater effluent from March 25-27, 1998.

Analysis of Wild Rice at Houghton Lake, MI
impact on waterfowl, fisheries and water quality due to the loss of wild rice in Houghton Lake, MI.

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Assessment & Remediation of Contaminated Sediments (ARCS) Program 3
(EPA) guidance for in-situ subaqueous capping of contaminated sediments.

Baseline Study on Fremont Lake and its Connecting Waterways
(GVSU-AWRI) - general assessment of water quality conditions.

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed (DEQ)
biotic integrity of macroinvertebrate communities

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed – Clare 2011
biological and physical habitat survey results.

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed – Mecosta 2011
biological and physical habitat survey results.

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed – Missaukee 2011
biological and physical habitat survey results.

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed – Montcalm 2011
biological and physical habitat survey results.

Biological Assessment of the Muskegon River Watershed – Muskegon 2011
biological and physical habitat survey results.

Biological Survey of Brooks Creek Watershed
1990 - staff of GLEAS and Newaygo Co. Soil and Water Conservation District conducted a qualitative biological survey as part of the nonpoint source investigation activity. (MDEQ)

Biological Survey of Sand Creek
1998 - staff of GLEAS conducted this survey on Sand Creek, a coldwater tributary of the Muskegon River.

Biological Survey of Tamarack Creek
1998 - as part of the nonpoint source surveillance activity of SWQD, staff of GLEAS.

Biological Survey of the Hersey River
1992 - part of the point source surveillance activity of SWQD in the vicinity of Reed City.

Biological Survey of the Hersey River Watershed
(MDEQ) - report covers the qualitative biological survey of the Hersey River Watershed completed in July/August 2001.

Biological Survey of the Little Muskegon River and Selected Tributaries of Mecosta and Montcalm Counties
1997 - part of the nonpoint surveillance activities by the staff of GLEAS.

Biological Survey of the Lower Muskegon River Watershed
(MDEQ) - SWAS conducted a qualitative biological survey in Newaygo County in July 2001.

Biological Survey of the Middle Muskegon River Watershed
2005 (MDEQ) conducted to identify nonpoint sources of water quality impairment, and assess the current status and condition of water bodies

Biological Survey of Whetstone Creek in the Vicinity of a Manure Lagoon Spill
1988 - (MDEQ) - documenting effects the manure discharge had on Whetstone Creek.

Biological, Chemical, and Bacteriological Survey of the Clam River
1958 - (MDNR) - ascertain the effects of the City of Cadillac sewage treatment plan on the Clam River.

Buffers: How they can work for you
benefits of buffers.

Chronic Toxicity Assessment of Muskegon CO-WWMS Metro WWTP Outfalls
1998 - chronic ceriodaphnia dubia toxicity evaluations on this site from September 12-18, 1997 and November 14-20, 1997.

Citizens Water Quality Handbook
(Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conserv. Dist) practical information to aid citizens in stewardship of water resources.

Clam River Study
1975 (MDNR)

Clam River Watershed Nonpoint Pollution Control Action Plan
the identification of three nonpoint pollution problems in the Clam River Watershed (1987).

Coastal and Inland Waters Permit Information
(MDEQ) application and permit information to the Inland Lake and Stream Protection Act.

Contaminated Sites in the Muskegon River Watershed
listing of contaminated sites in the Muskegon River Watershed with site addresses, county, source, pollutant & status.

Developing a Watershed Management Plan for Water Quality
(MSU & MDEQ) a guide to help local units of government, nonprofit organizations and citizens develop watershed management plans.

Ecosystem Management at Houghton Lake, MI with Emphasis on Wild Rice (zizania aquatica) ecology
study on decline of waterfowl on Houghton Lake due partially to the decline in wild rice.

Effects of Residential Development on the Water Quality of Higgins Lake
1995-99 study of the effects of residential development on the water quality of Higgins Lake.

Enterococci as Indicators of Lake Michigan Recreational Water Quality
(Kinzelman, C. et al) a comparison of two methodologies and their impacts on public health regulatory events.

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
(EPA) - 43 areas of concern (AOC) have been identified and are included on this website, including Muskegon Lake.

(EPA) easy way for greener lawn.

Groundwater Protection
(Newaygo Soil & Water Conservation Dist.) brochure for voluntary program for clean water in Michigan.

Guide to the Restoration of Muskegon Lake Fish & Wildlife Habitat
(MLWP & MRWA) - restoration goals for fish and wildlife beneficial use impairments around Muskegon Lake.

Health Consultation – Ryerson Creek Sediments
(USDHHS) - health implications of contaminated sediments in Ryerson Creek.

Hersey Pond Sediment Sampling and Analysis 1999
(Snell Environmental Group) - assessment of contamination status of Hersey River Pond (1999).

Hersey Pond Sediment Sampling and Analysis 2000
(DLZ Michigan) - assessment of contamination status of Hersey River Pond (2000).

Hersey River Park Spillway Sediment Characterization Report
(Blasland, Bouck & Lee) - investigation of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations in sediment.

Hersey River Study
1972 - (MDEQ)

Higgins Lake Watershed Management Plan
(Huron Pine RC&D) a management plan for nonpoint source pollution reduction.

Highway Stormwater Runoff Study
(MDOT) a study to evaluate the characteristics and significance of stormwater runoff quality from highways.

Houghton Lake 2004 Water Quality Report
(Progressive AE) - monitoring results from 2004 sampling.

Houghton Lake Improvement Board Newsletter – Spring 2004
describes five-year management plan for Houghton Lake's aquatic plant control.

Hydraulic Characteristics of an Underdrained Irrigation Circle, Muskegon Co. Waste Water Disposal System, 1981
(USGS) - abstract concerning the hydraulic characteristics in Muskegon Co.

Hydrologic Data Collection and Analysis
(MDEQ) - introduction to hydrology, glossary, storm water management and other information.

Hydrologic Study of the Ryerson Creek Watershed
(MDEQ) - goal is to better understand Ryerson Creek Watershed's hydrology and the impact of development to address and improve water quality.

Investigation of Muskegon River, Newaygo
1961 - (MDEQ) - to determine the effect of raw sewage and industrial waste from the Newaygo sewage outfall.

Lake Michigan Monitoring Inventory
(Great Lakes Commission) online and searchable, the inventory covers federal, state, local and NGO efforts.

Landscaping for Water Quality
(CES) info to incorporate methods that enhance water quality.

Landscaping for Wildlife and Water Quality
(to order) by C. Henderson, C. Dindorf, and F. Rozumalski, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 1999

Mecosta County Resource Plan
concerns to be addressed, inventory and evaluation, pollutants and implementation strategies.

Mercury in the Upper Midwest: A Must-Read Report for Anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
(IWLA) examines the extent of mercury-contaminated game fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Model Analysis of the Impact on Groundwater Conditions of the Muskegon County Wastewater Disposal System
(USGS) - abstract on the model analysis of the impact on groundwater conditions of this facility

Muskegon County Resource Plan
(Muskegon Co. Steering Com) - resources, prioritized county problems and concerns and implementation strategies.

Muskegon Lake Community Action Plan
2002 Remedial Action Plan Update

Muskegon Lake RAP Project Fact Sheet
(MDEQ) - outlines overall goals of this project to fulfill the Muskegon Lake AOC's RAP recommendations.

Muskegon Lake Watershed Management Plan
(Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber) - description of Watershed characteristics, pollutants and recommendations for treatment, prevention and reduction of pollution.

Muskegon River and AOC Watershed
fact sheet on bank stabilization projects in Newaygo and Mecosta Counties.

Muskegon River Area of Concern Watershed Project – Special Issue
(Muskegon Conservation Dist) - newsletter outlining projects at sites in Muskegon, Newaygo and Mecosta Counties.

Muskegon River Management Plan
companion to Muskegon River Watershed Assessment. These documents provide a comprehensive watershed plan to aid Fisheries Division and partners.

Muskegon River Streambank Erosion Inventory
original plan was to inventory the Muskegon River and all tributaries, organize data and develop detailed maps but because of funding only some of the inventory was done.

NPDES Permits
(MDEQ) list of active NPDES permits, general NPDES permits and permits on public notice.

Observations in the Clam River at Cadillac
(MDNR) - follow-up to previous studies on the Clam River.

Observations on the Hersey River, Reed City
1967 - (MDEQ) - a fish survey and biological survey.

Overview of Assistance Needed in Michigan’s Great Lakes Area of Concerns
SPAC table with each MI AOC listed along with agency liaison and other info.

Overview of the Storm Water Management Plan
(MDOT) describes the procedures and practices MDOT uses to reduce discharges of pollutants.

Preliminary Investigation of the Extent of Sediment Contamination in Muskegon Lake
(Rediske, Thompson, Schelske, Gabrosek, Nalepa, & Peaslee)

Protecting Inland Lakes
(MDNR) how you can make a difference in protecting inland lakes.

Real-time Data For Michigan
(USGS) real-time data for water quality and streamflow.

Real-time Data for Michigan
(USGS) - statewide streamflow table.

Realizing Remediation II
(EPA) summary of contaminated sediment remediation activities in the Great Lakes Basin.

Reed City Oil Spill – 2005
(MDEQ) - PowerPoint presentation outlining the restoration efforts of the 2005 oil spill near US131 in Reed City.

Riparian Buffers Work
(USDA) how riparian buffers benefit the environment.

Ruddiman Creek Fact Sheet
(Muskegon Conservation District) facts about Ruddiman Creek in Muskegon, how it was polluted, and what has been accomplished.

Ruddiman Creek/Pond Updated Presentation
(EPA) - presentation with pictures and explanation of some of the cleanup in Ruddiman Creek.

Sanitary Regulations for Muskegon County
(Muskegon Co. Health Dept.) - provide a means for safeguarding the environment necessary for the health and welfare of Muskegon County residents.

Save Our Streams
(Izaak Walton League of America) collection of publications on tools to help your monitor, protect and restore earth's water.

Section 302 Reconnaissance Report on Aquatic Plant Control for Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen, MI
feasibility study in 1986 of providing measures for the control of aquatic growth in these two lakes.

Sediment Survey of Three Tributaries of Muskegon Lake
2004 - (MDEQ) sediment survey of Muskegon River, Fourmile Creek and Ryerson Creek)

Selected Chemical Trends in Sediments in Higgins Lake
(MDEQ) - four major processes controlling chemical loading to Higgins Lake.

Simple Solutions to Water Pollution
(White Lake PAC) easy-to-use guide to non-toxic cleaners and recipes for a clean home

Site Plan Review Guide and Zoning Ordinance Recommendations
(Langworthy, Strader, LeBlanc & Assoc) - outline water quality protection measures for Dalton, Cedar Creek and Muskegon Charter Townships.

Slow and Steady Defines Dam Sediment Management Plan
short article about the Big Rapids Dam Removal.

Sources of Algal Nutrients to Fremont Lake
(MDNR) - presentation given to Fremont City Commission meeting in 1969.

Status of Restoration Activities in Great Lakes Areas of Concern
2003 - (IJC) info on how much has been done in areas of concern

Surface Water Data for Michigan
(USGS) - contains more than 850,000 station years of time-series data that describe stream levels, streamflow, reservoir and lake levels, surface water-quality, etc.

The Great Lakes Green Book
(GLU) - a grassroots restoration agenda for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River ecosystem

The Great Lakes Watershed
a CD containing Great Lakes images, atlas, info about native people and early settlement, past problems and future outlook.

Upper Clam River Watershed: Non-Point Source Pollution Control Watershed Plan
goal of this plan is to reduce the major pollutants to the river and lakes and prevent water resources from further degradation.

Water Quality Investigation of Muskegon River and Hardy Dam Backwaters
1978 - (MDNR) - investigations were made into obnoxious hydrogen sulfide odor problems along the River.

Water Resources Data Michigan Water Year 2001
contains streamflow and water quality records for the Muskegon River.

Wet Weather Pollution in Michigan
(MDNRE) surface water quality issues associated with wet weather pollution.

What’s Facing U.S. Dams
current issues and changing protocol about dams including the Big Rapids dam removal.