Muskegon River Watershed: Muskegon River Watershed

A Field Guide to Aquatic Exotic Plants and Animals
(Great Lakes Sea Grant Network) - pictures and descriptions of aquatic exotic plants and animals.

Analysis of Wild Rice at Houghton Lake, MI
impact on waterfowl, fisheries and water quality due to the loss of wild rice in Houghton Lake, MI.

Big Rapids Riverwalk: An Environmental Assessment
an environmental assessment by FSU students about the Riverwalk Project.

Bobcat Survey 2004-2005
(MDNR) verifies the stability of bobcat populations.

Brooks Township Land Use Vision
recommendation of ways the health of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, forests and prairies can be improved.

Checklist of the Ants of Michigan
a total of 113 species of ants is recorded by county from the State of Michigan.

Conservation Assessment for Olympia Marble Butterfly
(USFS) - picture and description of Olympia Marble Butterfly found in Montcalm, Newaygo, Lake, Mecosta, Osceola, Wexford and Roscommon Counties.

Conservation Guidelines for Michigan Lakes and Associated Natural Resources
- (O'Neal et al - MDNR) - identifies the general goals of MDNR fisheries and wildlife management program.

Contaminants in Fishes from Great Lakes-Influenced Sections and above Dams of Three Michigan Rivers
1994 & 1995 studies of concentrations of chemicals in composite samples of fishes and the adverse effects on bald eagles and mink which consume these fishes.

Ecosystem Management at Houghton Lake, MI with Emphasis on Wild Rice (zizania aquatica) ecology
study on decline of waterfowl on Houghton Lake due partially to the decline in wild rice.

Fish and Wildlife Resources of the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands within the U.S.
overview of fish and wildlife resources, impact of Great Lakes water level fluctuations, common and scientific names for vegetation, fish and other wildlife.

Frogs in Your State
(NWF) a database of the 14 species of frogs in Michigan with a description, breeding information and range.

Functions and Values of Wetlands
(EPA) the beneficial services wetlands provide for fish and wildlife.

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
(EPA) - 43 areas of concern (AOC) have been identified and are included on this website, including Muskegon Lake.

Kirtland’s Warbler
(USFWS) - a fact sheet on the Kirtland's Warbler, an endangered specie, found only in 10 Lower Peninsula counties.

Landscaping for Wildlife and Water Quality
(to order) by C. Henderson, C. Dindorf, and F. Rozumalski, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 1999

Michigan State Game Areas and other Wildlife Areas
(MDNR) an alphabetical listing of Michigan's State Game Areas and other wildlife areas with corresponding maps.

Michigan’s Amphibians and Reptiles
(MDNR) list of Michigan's amphibians and reptiles with links to each giving a description and photo.

Muskegon County Resource Plan
(Muskegon Co. Steering Com) - resources, prioritized county problems and concerns and implementation strategies.

Muskegon Lake Community Action Plan
2002 Remedial Action Plan Update

Muskegon River Management Plan
companion to Muskegon River Watershed Assessment. These documents provide a comprehensive watershed plan to aid Fisheries Division and partners.

Mute Swan
(ODNR) - history and description of the Mute Swan.

Natural Features Inventory and Management Recommendations for Muskegon State Game Area
Prepared by: Jesse M. Lincoln, Michael J. Monfi ls, Yu Man Lee, Peter J. Badra, Aaron P. Kortenhoven, Helen D. Enander, Brian Klatt, and Joshua G. Cohen.

Natural Newaygo, Brooks Township Land Use Vision Project
identification guide to the natural features of the Newaygo area.

Nonindigenous Aquatic Species: Red-eared Slider
pictures and description of the red-eared slider and its native range and nonindigenous range which includes Muskegon County.

Section 302 Reconnaissance Report on Aquatic Plant Control for Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen, MI
feasibility study in 1986 of providing measures for the control of aquatic growth in these two lakes.

State of Michigan’s Environment 2003 Second Biennial Report
(MDEQ) - continues to follow trends in important environmental indicators.

The Birds of Michigan
(Wood, N.) a list of Michigan birds with pictures and a database of sightings.

Trumpeter Swan
(MDNR) a fact sheet about Trumpeter Swans and their history in Michigan.

Wild Rice: Ecology, Harvest, Management
(Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission) - brochure describing the historic decline, habitat requirements and life cycle of wild rice.