Muskegon County: Muskegon County

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Cedar Creek Habitat Assessment and Improvement Plan
Timberland RC&D) - assessment to identify potential improvements to benefit overall Muskegon River system.

Cedar Creek Watershed Hydrologic Study
(MDEQ) - developed to determine the effect of land use changes on Cedar Creek's flow regime

Chronic Toxicity Assessment of Muskegon CO-WWMS Metro WWTP Outfalls
1998 - chronic ceriodaphnia dubia toxicity evaluations on this site from September 12-18, 1997 and November 14-20, 1997.

General Land Office Plat Map
(MDNR) - from original surveyor notes of State of Michigan - conducted in mid 1800s

General Land Office Plats – Muskegon Co.
(MDNR) - plat maps derived from original surveyor notes of the State of Michigan conducted in early to mid 1800s. You can click on each specific township for local information.

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
(EPA) - 43 areas of concern (AOC) have been identified and are included on this website, including Muskegon Lake.

Hydraulic Characteristics of an Underdrained Irrigation Circle, Muskegon Co. Waste Water Disposal System, 1981
(USGS) - abstract concerning the hydraulic characteristics in Muskegon Co.

Hydrologic Study of the Bear Creek Watershed
(MDEQ) - a hydrologic model of the Bear Creek watershed was developed to help determine the effect of land use changes in the watershed on Bear Creek.

Hydrologic Study of the Ryerson Creek Watershed
(MDEQ) - goal is to better understand Ryerson Creek Watershed's hydrology and the impact of development to address and improve water quality.

Michigan Lake Finder
database of Michigan lakes by name, county or fish species. Also, gives depth, acreage and fish species of each lake.

Model Analysis of the Impact on Groundwater Conditions of the Muskegon County Wastewater Disposal System
(USGS) - abstract on the model analysis of the impact on groundwater conditions of this facility

Muskegon County Community Profiles
(Muskegon Co. Health Dept) - population, culture, socioeconomic status, etc.

Muskegon County Resource Plan
(Muskegon Co. Steering Com) - resources, prioritized county problems and concerns and implementation strategies.

Muskegon Lake & Estuary Project Presentation
Gale Nobes's presentation at the State of the Lake Conference 2003 about the Muskegon Lake & Estuary (Wild Rice) Project.

Muskegon Lake Watershed Management Plan
(Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber) - description of Watershed characteristics, pollutants and recommendations for treatment, prevention and reduction of pollution.

Muskegon Station
GLERL Real-time Meteorological Observation Network - shows current wind speed and direction, air temp, dew point, humidity, etc., in Muskegon MI.

Preliminary evaluation of restored Maple River flows on Muskegon River flooding and fish habitat.
Analysis of the Maple River flows in Muskegon County, Michigan

Preliminary Investigation of the Extent of Sediment Contamination in Muskegon Lake
(Rediske, Thompson, Schelske, Gabrosek, Nalepa, & Peaslee)

Ruddiman Creek (Muskegon, MI)
Phase II Site Investigation Report.

Sediment Survey of Three Tributaries of Muskegon Lake
2004 - (MDEQ) sediment survey of Muskegon River, Fourmile Creek and Ryerson Creek)

Wetland Inventories
(MDEQ) - wetland inventory maps for each county show potential locations of wetlands based on statewide aerial maps.

White Lake, Muskegon Lake and Muskegon River Studies
a list of available studies on White Lake, Muskegon Lake and the Muskegon River which are available at the Muskegon Conservation District.