Roscommon County: Roscommon County

Analysis of Wild Rice at Houghton Lake, MI
impact on waterfowl, fisheries and water quality due to the loss of wild rice in Houghton Lake, MI.

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Ecosystem Management at Houghton Lake, MI with Emphasis on Wild Rice (zizania aquatica) ecology
study on decline of waterfowl on Houghton Lake due partially to the decline in wild rice.

Effects of Residential Development on the Water Quality of Higgins Lake
1995-99 study of the effects of residential development on the water quality of Higgins Lake.

Higgins Lake Watershed Management Plan
(Huron Pine RC&D) a management plan for nonpoint source pollution reduction.

Houghton Lake 2004 Water Quality Report
(Progressive AE) - monitoring results from 2004 sampling.

Houghton Lake Improvement Board Newsletter – Spring 2004
describes five-year management plan for Houghton Lake's aquatic plant control.

Section 302 Reconnaissance Report on Aquatic Plant Control for Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen, MI
feasibility study in 1986 of providing measures for the control of aquatic growth in these two lakes.

Selected Chemical Trends in Sediments in Higgins Lake
(MDEQ) - four major processes controlling chemical loading to Higgins Lake.