Wexford County: Wexford County

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Biological Survey of the Clam River
(MDEQ) - an intensive survey conducted to assess water quality conditions during June-December 1975.

Clam River Watershed Nonpoint Pollution Control Action Plan
the identification of three nonpoint pollution problems in the Clam River Watershed (1987).

General Land Office Plats – Wexford Co.
(MDNR) - plat maps derived from original surveyor notes of the State of Michigan conducted in early to mid 1800s. You can click on each specific township for local information.

Michigan Lake Finder
database of Michigan lakes by name, county or fish species. Also, gives depth, acreage and fish species of each lake.

Surface Geology of Wexford County, MI
(David Stewart) - 1948

Upper Clam River Watershed: Non-Point Source Pollution Control Watershed Plan
goal of this plan is to reduce the major pollutants to the river and lakes and prevent water resources from further degradation.

Wetland Inventories
(MDEQ) - wetland inventory maps for each county show potential locations of wetlands based on statewide aerial maps.