Wexford County: Wexford County

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Biological, Chemical, and Bacteriological Survey of the Clam River
1958 - (MDNR) - ascertain the effects of the City of Cadillac sewage treatment plan on the Clam River.

Clam River Study
1975 (MDNR)

Clam River Watershed Nonpoint Pollution Control Action Plan
the identification of three nonpoint pollution problems in the Clam River Watershed (1987).

Observations in the Clam River at Cadillac
(MDNR) - follow-up to previous studies on the Clam River.

Upper Clam River Watershed: Non-Point Source Pollution Control Watershed Plan
goal of this plan is to reduce the major pollutants to the river and lakes and prevent water resources from further degradation.