A Final Word

greg mund retired chair of muskegon river watershed assembly michiganBy Greg Mund

For most people I know, saying goodbye is a difficult thing to do. And after 20 years of involvement with the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, the decision to step back from my responsibilities as board chair came only after a great deal of reflection and soul searching.  In the end, it was clear the demands of organic farming and the needs of my family prevent me from devoting the time and energy to the organization that it deserves from any one privileged to serve on the board of directors.

Therefore, I’ve resigned my seat on the board and stepped down from my position as chair.  I leave with a feeling of satisfaction that I did my best to support an organization that has made great progress toward our stated mission of “preserving, protecting and restoring” the Muskegon River.  MRWA is in good hands to face the challenges ahead and I know that you will show the same support to the new chair, Ken Johnson, and the other dedicated directors and staff.  They are all very active, participating in MRWA programs, leading events, as well as supporting MRWA financially.

I have a great amount of gratitude and respect for so many people that have made huge contributions to our record of achievement, so many in fact that it would be impossible to name them all here.  However, a precious few stand out in my mind and I’d like to recognize them and their contributions one last time.

Peter Wege and the Wege Foundation has provided the financial support that enabled MRWA to be the main watershed organization to provide leadership, programs and actions in protecting the Muskegon River.

Gale Nobes, lead the efforts to form MRWA and was the first chairman, establishing the footprint for MRWA’s proven success, recruiting the attention and involvement of residents, government and researchers to this unique “Cool” river system, which it deserves.

Rich O’Neal, our dedicated fishery biologist, has been and continues to be the backbone of MRWA’s scientific approach to maintaining and improving a river system that provides multitudes of enjoyment and economic benefits to so many people.  

And of course our initial staff, Gary Noble and Terry Stilson, both enjoying retirement, created MRWA as the “Go TO” organization in the Muskegon River Watershed. They’re dedication, involvement and passion for the river, established MRWA as the resource for programs, practices and assistance, connecting people to “hands on” activities to preserve, protect and restore the Muskegon River.

So…what’s next? I will continue to be involved with MRWA and invite all to do the same…The Muskegon River needs and deserves our full attention to insure our children and grandchildren have the same opportunity to enjoy this miraculous resource.  With gratitude and appreciation…Thank You!