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From the Office of the Director

Scott Faulkner Executive Director Muskegon River Watershed Assembly It is a rare privilege and honor for me to be placed in a position of leadership in such a historically productive organization as the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly. I have enjoyed reviewing the almost 25 years of improvements - large and small - to this prized watershed, and it is humbling...[ read more ]

Partners for a Healthy Environment

Don Henning Muskegon River Watershed Assembly   Philanthropic support from foundations and individuals are important sources of revenue for an environmental nonprofit organization like the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MWRA). Along with membership fees, gifts from local businesses and corporations often provide essential operational funding nonprofits need to carry out their missions of service. The business model for nonprofits can...[ read more ]

Trust the Science

Marty Holtgren PHD Principle Watershed Scientist Muskegon River Watershed Assembly Over 90,000 dams are located on rivers and streams throughout the United States. In Michigan, thousands of small, privately owned dams are obsolete because they don’t serve their original purpose and are in a deteriorating condition. Since many are unregulated and not maintained, they often pose significant public safety risks...[ read more ]

There’s Still Time to Enroll in the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch!

By Emma Costantino North Country CISMA There is no shortage of things to do out on the lakes in the summer. Fishing, swimming, and all sorts of water sports are fun ways spend an afternoon out on the water. Looking for another great reason to go out on the lake? Volunteer to monitor your lake for aquatic invasive plants. Invasive...[ read more ]

Muskegon River Trash Bash – August 2021 – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

“Who doesn’t want clean water?” asked Scott Faulkner, Executive Director of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA). “In 2021, as more and more people choose to reengage and enjoy the great outdoors as a first choice, we see increasing numbers on and around the beautiful Muskegon River across the entire watershed. But the river needs our help.” The Muskegon River...[ read more ]

Caught in the Act

Wayne Groesbeck Vice Chair Muskegon River Watershed Assembly Evolution works over eons, and it's unusual to catch nature tinkering with a new adaptation. It can, however, happen: when the giant panda switched from a normal omnivorous bear diet to eating bamboo, a front leg bone started to morph into a thumb so it could grasp bamboo stalks. The Muskegon River...[ read more ]

From the Office of the Director

Marty Holtgren PHD Executive Director Muskegon River Watershed Assembly A few weeks ago as I began writing this article, it occurred to me that it would be my final communication as MRWA executive director. After three years leading the organization, I will transition to a new part-time role as a watershed scientist.  This obviously represents a very significant change for...[ read more ]

If You Unbuild It, They Will Come

Dam removal brings species back to long-hidden habitats Part 2 of our series exploring how dam removals can reconnect species to habitats that have long been inaccessible. Dams have long been used to benefit people and communities as impounded rivers are used to power mills, harness hydropower, store water for drinking and agricultural irrigation, and create navigation channels. However, these...[ read more ]

MRWA April 2021 Update from Senator Bumstead

Jon Bumstead Michigan State Senator Director, Muskegon River Watershed Assembly Dear Friends, As the state of Michigan continues our fight against COVID-19, I wanted to take some time to provide a few updates from the Michigan Legislature. I have received new committee assignments for the 2021-2022 term. I previously served on the Committee on Education and Career Readiness, but I...[ read more ]

Watershed Action Education

Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck PHD Environmental Education Ferris State University Department of Biological Sciences Director, Muskegon River Watershed Assembly   If you want to make a positive difference where you live and work, then education is the first step. Consider educating yourself and others about what it takes to create and maintain a healthy watershed. The second step is taking action and...[ read more ]