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New Shorescapes will Help Inland Lakes

Are you a lake front owner? If so, you are the first guardian to stop pollutants from entering inland lakes. A new type of planting called, Shorescaping, will help stop fertilizers, sediment and even goose waste from entering lakes. How so? Plants used in shorescaping have deep roots and absorb fertilizers and hold back sediments (think dirt particles) from flowing into your...[ read more ]

Match Day A Huge Success – Thank you Mecosta County!

Match Day garnered a total of $1,756.00 in donations that will help protect, preserve and restore the Muskegon River. Thank you to the Board members who assembled and staffed the booth and all of the wonderful people of Mecosta County who made a gift.

Photo of New Zealand Mud Snails on a penny to show their small size.

Invasive Species – What’s the Big Deal?

The New Zealand Mud Snail has been found in the Pere Marquette River. It covers the bottom of the river. The tiny snails can move on boots, waders and boats. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, invasive species are living creatures who are not native to a particular area of land and/or water. When they arrive, their population...[ read more ]

Join Us! Mecosta Match Day Tuesday, November 10

Check out our new display at the Mecosta County Community Foundation's (MCCF) Match Day!  The event will be held at the Big Rapids Holiday Inn from 11 am to 6 pm on Tuesday, November 10. The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly will join other non-profits to provide information and a chance to meet new and old friends. MCCF will match any...[ read more ]

A good day for the environment

Last Saturday morning, October 17th, over a dozen hearty souls from three different Ferris student groups arrived bright and early at the Big Rapids recycling center on 4th Street. And they meant business. Before noon they had filled an entire semi -trailer with used tires from all over Mecosta County and beyond. Dealing with a line of cars and trucks...[ read more ]

Ferris Students Rock

From the beginning, the MRWA has benefitted from a positive relationship with Ferris State University. To a large degree this is due to the student population, many of whom appreciate the Muskegon River as much as we do and are willing to make an effort to preserve it . “Ferris students rock” according to MRWA executive director Julie Chamberlain who has witnessed plenty of good work being done....[ read more ]

Cargill suppports the Muskegon River Watershed

[caption id="attachment_3204" align="alignnone" width="300"] Karl Tamaszewski, Plant Manager for Cargill Salt in Hersey, presents a gift to Julie Chamberlain, Director for the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly as they both squint into the sun on a beautiful day.[/caption] (more…)

Thanks for everything, Terry

The Board of Directors of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA) wishes to bid a fond farewell to Terry Stilson who will retire as the organization’s Executive Director at the end of the month. Terry joined the MRWA in 2001 as our first project manager and was promoted to Program Director in 2012 before accepting the Executive Director position last...[ read more ]