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From the Desk of the Director Jan 2023- The Last Threat

Scott Faulkner Executive Director Muskegon River Watershed Assembly I love a good story- and I truly enjoy knocking on watershed doors and seeking out the people who live, work, and sometimes find the life of their dreams on the Muskegon and its tributaries.  Aleks Krotoski posits, “Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals, and moral compasses.”  I believe that the Muskegon...[ read more ]

Discover Maple River: A Look Back

Sarah Himes Office Manager Muskegon River Watershed Assembly 2022 was the year that my career and parenting took a total turn for the better. I went from being a stressed-out associate news producer and freelance videographer to an environmentalist-in-training and an advocate for a river that so many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. My life became...[ read more ]

Looking Back: 2022 Year in Review

Each year the MRWA faces a unique set of challenges as we put in the work to achieve our stated mission:  to protect and restore the Muskegon River Watershed.  As a project based, environmental nonprofit organization we depend on a diverse group of resources to provide the funding necessary to accomplish our goals. Grants offered by state and federal agencies...[ read more ]

End of Year Grant Report 2022

Marty Holtgren PHD Principal Watershed Scientist, MRWA We have found 2022 to be a great year for grant activity with awards sufficient to fund restoration work in the watershed for the next three years. Getting to this point in the process required a true team effort and credit goes to Pat Jarrett and Sarah Krzemien for their diligent approach. What...[ read more ]

The Rarest River

Wayne Groesbeck Vice Chair Muskegon River Watershed Assembly In the mid-seventies, the Great Lakes were in the throes of "Coho Fever," as big hard-fighting Pacific salmon had established themselves in the "Big Lakes". They were eating their way through the overabundance of alewives, an invasive ocean baitfish that had arrived in the ballast water of international cargo ships. This new...[ read more ]

Remembering Greg Mund

By Gary Noble Former MRWA Executive Director Editor’s Note. Gary Noble was the first staff member and first executive director of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, joining the organization in 2001. He provided steady leadership for a young and growing environmental non-profit, establishing a solid foundation for two decades of achievement. When he retired in 2015, the organization was financially...[ read more ]

From the Desk of the Director

Scott Faulkner Executive Director Muskegon River Watershed Assembly   “Prophecy speaks of a time during the seventh fire when our people will have a choice between two paths. The first path is well worn and scorched. The second path is new and green. It is our choice as communities and as individuals how we will proceed” Winona LaDuke, from the...[ read more ]

Natural Resource Highlights from the 2022-2023 Fascial Year Budget

Legislative Update Jon Bumstead Michigan State Senator Director, Muskegon River Watershed Assembly   Natural Resource Highlights from the 2022-2023 Fascial Year Budget The Michigan Legislature recently finalized and passed the state budget for 2022-2023. As the vice chair of the DNR and EGLE budget committees, I prioritized protecting our natural resources and ensuring a safe state for our future generations....[ read more ]

Riverside Rearing

Sarah Marie Himes MRWA Assistant Preface: I would like to give a special thanks to my scientist friends, Meteorologist Madison Ryke and Meteorologist Austin Lowe for educating me about the chemistry behind fall colors and extracting leaf pigment through their STEM experiments. Fall’ing in Love with Color In our household, fall is the favorite season. It’s a whimsical time of...[ read more ]