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Magic of the Snow

Miraculous Snow and the Muskegon River By Marilyn Keigley After studying and photographing snow crystals for six years, it is a wonder anyone could grow up in Michigan without noticing the hundreds of designs. Do you recall the one license plate we all bought from 1965-1967— “Water-Winter Wonderland?” We still experience our winter wonderland and…
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Forest Ownership in A-Z Fashion

By Rick A. Lucas CF CD Forester Avoid many mistakes with the management of your forest by seeking professional assistance before engaging in management activities on your property. Beauty may very well be in the eyes of the beholder….but I have never witnessed a fall color show that has been anything short of brilliant. Carefully…
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MRWA Year in Review

Don Henning Marty Holtgren Pat Jarrett Protecting and restoring the river every day. There was a lot going on in 2017. The organization was involved in all manner of projects, large and small, in keeping with our promise to look after the watershed. As always, we collaborated with valuable partners of long standing in order…
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Our River After Hours

By Wayne Groesbeck   Arnold Baker and others have given informative accounts of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly’s juvenile sturgeon sequestration and traditional release; this is a somewhat more personal description of my attempt at sturgeon wrangling. The river, so familiar to us in broad daylight, becomes in pitch darkness a phantasmagoric realm from J.R.R….
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2017 Contributors

We asked for your help and you did not hesitate. The staff and Board of Directors of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly wish to extend a big thank you to all of our members and contributors. You are a true friend of the Muskegon River! 2017 Contributors

Autumn Leaves

By Don Henning, Editor, MRWA Riverview The fall edition of the River View opens with a season appropriate photograph from one of our regular contributors, Marilyn Keigley, professor emeritus at Ferris State University. You’ll find several more beauties like this one on the website. Well worth a click. Although a glance in any direction proves…
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Reflections on the Lampricide

By: Arnold Baker Life is often about being in the right place at the right time. Nineteen years ago my wife and I relocated from a busy urban area of Grand Rapids to an idyllic setting on the Muskegon River just east of Newaygo. I am a retired science teacher. My entire thirty-eight year career…
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A Place of Your Own

By: Rick A. Lucas, CD Forester A few years ago a good friend of mine made a bad real estate purchase. And by bad, I mean, he really didn’t get much for the amount of money he spent on his purchase. Unfortunately, to this day, his wife reminds him of it every time we visit…
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Saving the Muskegon River one tree at a time

By: Julie Chamberlain In our line of work, we like to have science on our side. While much of what we do would seem to have obvious benefit for the watershed, it’s always good when we can pin it down with facts. For example, we know that when we create a natural shoreline with native…
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