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MRWA and Recycle Mecosta: Partners in Trash

      Numbers do not lie and these figures point to a highly successful recycling effort in Mecosta County: Total recycling volume increased by 8 tons per month Three semi – trailers stuffed with discarded tires Two trailers filled with obsolete and broken electronic components Hours of operation increased to over 100 per month…
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Restoring and Landscaping Using Native Wild Flowers

with Sarah Pregitzer Sarah as been an educator since the mid seventies. Her love of wild places, native botany and lifelong learners has led her to be active with many local organizations, including West Michigan Cluster, Michigan Nature Association, the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly and the West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. She and her…
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newaygo county events outdoors 2017 spring and summer

River Country Land and Water: A Series of Fortunate Events

The following events are for all who are interested in finding friendship, enjoyment and new ways to ensure the land and waters of River Country remain clean and beautiful. Global Youth Service Day  Saturday,  April 22, 9 am-1 pm Join Newaygo County Parks to plant trees at Sandy Beach Park (North of Hardy Dam just…
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Julie Chamberlain, Executive Director Muskegon River Watershed Assembly

From the Desk of…

From the Desk of Julie Chamberlain Executive Director, MRWA A lot can happen in the next few weeks so I hesitate to offer my congratulations for surviving another Michigan winter. As you know, it is very easy to get ahead of yourself when it comes to the timing of Michigan’s seasons. Remember when we were…
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releasing sturgeon into muskegon river


Sturgeon Through the Generations. by George Heartwell MRWA Governance Committee Chair  “Look, there are three of them!  Right below the riffle.” “I don’t see them!  Point your rod tip.” “There!!!  Look!!!” “All I can see are three logs…Oh my gosh, that log just moved!”   Spotting my first Lake Sturgeon in the Muskegon River was…
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by George Heartwell As time arrives for first spawn the Sturgeon gather from throughout the Lake Michigan basin to return to their natal waters. Males may spawn every other year while females spawn every five to nine years.  A mature female can lay 250,000 eggs in the rocky rapids where they catch among the stones….
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Muskegon river Juvenile Sturgeon

Muskegon River Sturgeon Update

by Marty Holtgren The Muskegon River is one of the few rivers on the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan where a remnant population of lake sturgeon are slowly recovering through natural reproduction.  Each year since the early 2000’s research has focused on determining how the sturgeon population is faring.  A small and dedicated group has…
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lake sturgeon in michigan

Lake Sturgeon – Bringing us Back to the River

by Stephanie Ogren Revered.  Despised.  Forgotten.  Persistent.  Renewed.  Lake sturgeon were once abundant but faded into near obscurity and are now so rare they are seldom observed and considered Threatened in Michigan.  A fascinating story connects us to sturgeon, a story of interesting people, familiar places, hope, and stewardship.   As West Michigan flourishes, we…
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Lake Sturgeon rehabilitation in michigan

Manistee River Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation

by Corey Jerome The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians (LRBOI) Natural Resources Department has intensively evaluated and managed the Big Manistee River lake sturgeon population for 15 years.  The LRBOI sturgeon program aims to meet the goals and objectives of the Nmé (Lake Sturgeon) Stewardship Plan which was implemented in 2007.   A major…
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sturgeon in Michigan

Sturgeon End of Life Cycle

by Wayne Groesbeck Vice Chair of MRWA Biologists and other researchers have learned a great deal from studying the movements of lake sturgeon at all stages of their active lives. If we pay attention, they also have much to teach us at the end of the life cycle. In the Spring of 2004, Georgia University…
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