Development Committee –Greg Mund, Chair

Executive Committee – Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck, Chair

Governance Committee – Don Henning, Chair

Education Committee – Jean LaLonde, Chair

The MRWA Information/Education Committee will formulate and implement an educational strategy and activities for all citizens in the Muskegon River Watershed. The Committee will coordinate, support, communicate and collaborate with partners, stewards, and regional and national watershed organizations.

Members of the Education Committee include:

  • Jean LaLonde – Chair – retired teacher
  • Bill & Nancy Burmeister – retired teachers
  • Erica Johnson, MAISD
  • Christa Smalligan, NCCS Camp Newaygo
  • Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck, FSU
  • Vicki Sawicki, US Forest Service
  • Jessica Wagenmaker, Holton teacher
  • Julie Chamberlain, MRWA Executive Director

Finance/Human Resources Committee – Kurt Ray, Chair

The MRWA Finance/HR Committee addresses issues related to finance and oversees and reports on all financial matters affecting the MRWA in conjunction with MRWA’s treasurer.

Members of the MRWA Finance/HR Committee include:

  • Kurt Ray, MRWA Finance/HR Chair
  • Greg Mund, MRWA Chair
  • Ken Johnson, MRWA Treasurer
  • Don Henning, MRWA At-Large Member
  • Gary Noble, MRWA Executive Director
  • Julie Chamberlain, MRWA Executive Director

Resource Committee – Ron Kadelsik, Chair

The MRWA Resource Committee addresses issues related to the resource and provides information based on sound scientific principles. This Committee has prioritized the Natural Resource Issues of the Muskegon River in the following pdf formatted documents:

Members of the MRWA Resource Committee include:

  • Ron Kadelsik, Committee Chair
  • Jeff Auch, Muskegon Conservation Dist.
  • Greg Goudy, MDEQ
  • Wayne Groesbeck, MI Anglers & MRWA
  • Ken Johnson, MRWA
  • Greg Mund, MRWA Chair
  • Rich O’Neal, MDNR-Fisheries Div.
  • Don Snyder, Trout Unlimited-Kalamazoo Chpt.
  • Tom Walter, U.S. Forest Service
  • Julie Chamberlain, MRWA Executive Director