From the Desk of the Director

Scott Faulkner
Executive Director
Muskegon River Watershed Assembly

To our valued Watershed Stakeholders and MRWA partners-

In November and December 2021, your MRWA Board and staff had the great privilege of conducting an exercise in strategic planning in which we endeavored to more closely align our Mission, strategic direction, and our day-to-day operation and project slate.  Lisa Brush from The Stewardship Network facilitated this two-day virtual event with great skill, bringing us all closer together as colleagues, fellow watershed travelers, and friends.

During our time together, Lisa asked us to do a vision exercise in which we all were tasked with writing a news headline /press release published ten years in the future.  It was a terrific brainstorming exercise for the large group- and so this quarter, I’d like to share my composite press release- from April 1 2032! (Not a misprint, and yes- published on April Fool’s Day)

Warning!  There is ZERO basis for any and all events, people, positions, accomplishments, and claims being made in this act of absolute fiction. It is intended to present a possible future that might follow the good work we are pursuing now as your Watershed Assembly.  Here’s hoping you find it engaging, entertaining, and fun!  Advance apologies to those MRWA affiliates, Board and staff specifically mentioned hereinafter, and for your permission to indulge your Director.

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