Introduction – Spring Newsletter 2016

Recently, the debate over Michigan aquaculture has intensified, with outspoken, often passionate advocates on both sides of the issue. In Lansing, there are bills pending in the house and senate for and against open net-pen fish farms in the Great Lakes.  In addition, a proposal to increase production of a facility on the Au Sable River has erupted in controversy.

In this edition of the Riverview Newsletter, we’ll present a fair and comprehensive analysis of the issue.  Of course, we invite you to join the discussion by replying to this email. As always, please feel free to forward this newsletter to interested friends or colleagues.  New voices are always welcome.

We will begin with a basic overview of the industry including the most common methodology currently in use. Next, we will look at two benchmark events that have led to the current situation. We will also offer a partial list of the major players on both sides and their perspectives along with updates on current legislative activities and permits in progress.

Additionally you will find a message from Jon Bumstead, State Representative and author of House Bill 5255, which would impose a ban on open net cage farms in the Great Lakes. The MRWA agrees with Mr. Bumstead and endorses his bill. Our executive director explains our position in a letter to our members.