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Maple River Restoration Project

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Located in the lower third of the Muskegon River watershed, the Maple River was once a bountiful anabranch of the Muskegon River that completed the water border around what was then a distinct island- Maple Island.   Since its closure in the late-1800s, these man-made hydraulic barriers have periodically contributed to increased flooding in the area –...[ read more ]

Restoration of Riparian Areas in the Muskegon River Watershed

Duration: 2012 - 2015 Funded by: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Wege Foundation, Great Lakes Fishery Trust Partners: Muskegon Conservation District, Conservation Resource Alliance, Grand Valley State University-Annis Water Resources Institute, Huron Pines, and the Land Conservancy of West Michigan Project Goals: Reforestation of 440 acres of riparian land (land that borders rivers/streams) Restore 28,050 lineal feet (15 acres) of streambank...[ read more ]

Water Fairs

The MRWA has conducted and participated in many water fairs throughout the Muskegon River Watershed. Water fairs unite facilitators from various organizations to present water-oriented learning sessions for elementary-age students. Sessions vary with instruction in the water cycle, pollution, water in the world, erosion, fish identification and habitat. In 2013, the MRWA conducted a water fair at Twin Lake Elementary...[ read more ]

Voluntary Shoreline Restoration Program

2009 - 2010 In an effort to help improve water quality and shoreline vegetation, MRWA approached the Brooks Lake and Hess Lakes Boards about a project to help protect the lakes. Working through the Newaygo County Drain Commissioner, Brooks Lake and Hess Lake Boards published a 2009 winter newsletter proposing a shoreline restoration project. A postcard survey was also distributed...[ read more ]

Muskegon Lake Wildlife Habitat Improvement & Education Project

Partnering with Timberland RC&D and the Muskegon Lake Public Advisory Council (MLPAC), this two-year project developed wildlife targets and restored wildlife habitat along the southern shore of Muskegon Lake. In summer 2007, habitat improvement projects were completed along the Muskegon Lakeshore Trail, Grand Trunk, Lafarge, YMCA and private landowner's property. A habitat guide was produced to help the community tackle...[ read more ]

Cedar Creek Projects

Cedar Creek Stream Habitat Restoration and Riparian Forestation 2011-2013 The MRWA was awarded a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore instream coldwater habitat and help mitigate alterations within the Cedar Creek corridor that have occurred due to human and natural impacts. Matching funds were contributed by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust, Muskegon Conservation District and Muskegon...[ read more ]

Bear Creek/Bear Lake Implementation 2 Project

2010 - 2014 Partners: Grand Valley State University Annis Water Resources Institute (GVSU-AWRI) Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc. (FTCH) West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC) Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership (MLWP) Project goals and objectives include: Reduce external nutrient loading sources to Bear Lake by 50% Develop a strategy to reduce internal nutrient loading in...[ read more ]

Bear Creek Transition/ Implementation 1 Project

Working together, the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA) and Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) were awarded a $100,000 transition/implementation grant from U.S. EPA and Michigan DEQ to implement activities outlined in the Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed Management Plan. The Wege Foundation provided dollar-for-dollar match toward implementation. The MRWA and MCD partnered during 2004-2007 to improve and protect the Bear...[ read more ]

Bear Creek/Bear Lake Upper Watershed Information and Education Plan

This plan targeted stakeholders located within the upper Bear Creek watershed, in order to provide information that can improve water quality in Bear Creek, Bear Lake, Muskegon Lake, and Lake Michigan. It was developed with support from a Muskegon Lake Watershed partnership grant from the Great lakes Commission, in partnership with the MDNRE, US EPA GLNPO, WMSRDC, and MRWA. This...[ read more ]