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Restoration of Riparian Areas in the Muskegon River Watershed

Duration: 2012 - 2015 Funded by: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Wege Foundation, Great Lakes Fishery Trust Partners: Muskegon Conservation District, Conservation Resource Alliance, Grand Valley State University-Annis Water Resources Institute, Huron Pines, and the Land Conservancy of West Michigan Project Goals: Reforestation of 440 acres of riparian land (land that borders rivers/streams) Restore 28,050 lineal feet (15 acres) of streambank...[ read more ]

Voluntary Shoreline Restoration Program

2009 - 2010 In an effort to help improve water quality and shoreline vegetation, MRWA approached the Brooks Lake and Hess Lakes Boards about a project to help protect the lakes. Working through the Newaygo County Drain Commissioner, Brooks Lake and Hess Lake Boards published a 2009 winter newsletter proposing a shoreline restoration project. A postcard survey was also distributed...[ read more ]

Velma Matson Elementary Rain Garden (Newaygo Schools)

Funding: Fremont Area Community Foundation Time Period: Spring 2013 Third grade teacher, Julie Berwald, and her classroom worked with the MRWA to construct and plant a rain garden on school property. The bowl-shape garden collects runoff from the school's rooftop downspouts, preventing it from entering the storm drain and flowing to the Muskegon River. Before the planting event, Program Director...[ read more ]

Tree Planting

According to extensive research completed in our watershed, protecting future biological integrity and water quality can be accomplished by increasing forest cover in high priority areas. In 2013, the MRWA partnered with the Newaygo County NRCS and landowners to plant approximately 550 trees in Newaygo. MRWA recruited Terry Grabill's Fremont Middle School students to assist on the project. The MRWA's...[ read more ]

Muskegon River Watershed Education Project

2005-2008 The MRWA and GVSU partnered on this education project for the Muskegon River Watershed. Grant monies from Clean Michigan Initiative and a match from the Wege Foundation were used to develop social profiles and direct information and education efforts for local decision makers. Because one of the critical areas identified in the Muskegon River Watershed Management Plan is the...[ read more ]

sturgeon in Michigan

Muskegon River Sturgeon Project

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has developed a proposal to construct a sturgeon rearing facility in Newaygo MI. The purpose of this project is to assist the recovery of the Muskegon River Lake Sturgeon population. The rearing facility is anticipated to rear approximately 1500 sac fry and produce 600 fingerlings annually. The MRWA is partnering with the DNR in...[ read more ]

GIS Barrier Inventory

Funders: DNR, Fremont Area Community Foundation, Wege Foundation Duration: April 2012 - March 2014 The focus of this project is to: 1) incorporate, update and add to a previous road stream crossing inventory conducted in Newaygo County 2) incorporate and update a previous (2010) prioritized dam inventory for the entire Muskegon River Watershed that was developed from available records information,...[ read more ]

Camp Newaygo’s Rain Garden

One solution to storm water pollution is creating a type of bio-detention pond called a rain garden. Camp Newaygo's rain garden was constructed beside their parking lot next to the platform that leads down to their unique sphagnum bog. Previously a drain under the platform's walkway directed all the storm water from the parking lot and adjacent hills, down to...[ read more ]

Bigelow Creek Habitat Improvement and Maintenance (3) Project

2008 Further habitat improvement on Bigelow Creek is being completed by US Forest Service and a private contractor on private and public lands. Funding for this project is through the Fremont Area Community Foundation, Wege Foundation, US Forest Service and the MRWA. The U.S.Forest Service completed all maintenance improvements and installed some structures on public land. On private land, 3...[ read more ]