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Tree Planting

According to extensive research completed in our watershed, protecting future biological integrity and water quality can be accomplished by increasing forest cover in high priority areas. In 2013, the MRWA partnered with the Newaygo County NRCS and landowners to plant approximately 550 trees in Newaygo. MRWA recruited Terry Grabill's Fremont Middle School students to assist on the project. The MRWA's...[ read more ]

Clam River Improvement Project

In May, a $5,000 donation was given to the MRWA by the Hunting Foundation for habitat work on the Clam River. The Wege Foundation matched this amount dollar-for-dollar. In June 2004, ten temperature probes were planted in different locations from the mouth to the outlet of Clam River. In August, sediment and flow discharge measurements were taken. In 2004, 2005...[ read more ]

Cadillac Library Rain Garden

2008 The MRWA received a grant from the William & June Winn Fund and Cadillac Area Community Foundation Cornerstone Fund, along with funding from the Wege Foundation through the MRWA to complete a rain garden at the Cadillac Wexford Public Library. The rain garden was created to collect the runoff from the library's parking lot and filter the pollutants before...[ read more ]