Bear Creek Transition/ Implementation 1 Project

Location: Muskegon County

Project Status: Completed in 2007

Working together, the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA) and Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) were awarded a $100,000 transition/implementation grant from U.S. EPA and Michigan DEQ to implement activities outlined in the Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed Management Plan. The Wege Foundation provided dollar-for-dollar match toward implementation. The MRWA and MCD partnered during 2004-2007 to improve and protect the Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed.

Activities involved in the project were:
streambank stabilization
volunteer cleanup
stormdrain stickers installed along Ruddiman Ave.
water fair
trolley tour
Adopt-a-Stream program
newsletters, public meetings, brochures, news articles

The project was completed on June 30, 2007.