Bigelow Creek Stream Habitat Improvement Project (1)

Location: Newaygo County

Project Status: Completed in 2006


The MRWA, Timberland RC&D and the U.S. Forest Service partners to provide funding for habitat improvement on approximately 16,400 feet of Bigelow Creek in Newaygo County. Total project cost is estimated at $85,000. The project will begin in March 2004.


As of September 2004, the private-land portion of the project has been completed and a report has been submitted. The public-land portion of the project was completed in November. Future phases are scheduled for 2005.


Field work continues on phases 3 and 4 with the US Forest Service and Timberland RC&D. Phase 3 was completed during Summer 2005. Phase 4 was not completely finished in December 2005 because of the weather.

This project was completed in 2006.