Camp Newaygo’s Rain Garden

Location: Newaygo County

Project Status: Completed in 2009

One solution to storm water pollution is creating a type of bio-detention pond called a rain garden. Camp Newaygo’s rain garden was constructed beside their parking lot next to the platform that leads down to their unique sphagnum bog. Previously a drain under the platform’s walkway directed all the storm water from the parking lot and adjacent hills, down to their bog area.

cnThe rain garden is planted with native plants because they have deep root systems that absorb storm water and provide better infiltration. Native plants are also used because they are accustomed to Michigan’s climate and do not need watering or fertilizing.

The rain garden was constructed on October 29, 2009, using leftover plants from the Brooks-Hess Lakes’ Shoreline Restoration project. The rain garden will also be used as an educational tool for Camp Newaygo visitors and campers.

Funding for the project was provided using MRWA discretionary grants from the Fremont Area Community Foundation and Wege Foundation.