Clam River Improvement Project

Location: Wexford County

Project Status: Completed in 2007

In May, a $5,000 donation was given to the MRWA by the Hunting Foundation for habitat work on the Clam River. The Wege Foundation matched this amount dollar-for-dollar.

In June 2004, ten temperature probes were planted in different locations from the mouth to the outlet of Clam River. In August, sediment and flow discharge measurements were taken.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006, stream temperature data from the temperature probes were downloaded. The readings will help guide where shoreline and/or stream habitat improvements need to be installed to improve the coldwater fishery.

In 2006, volunteer water monitors involved in the Muskegon River Water Monitoring Project began monitoring several of these sites. Baseline and after-installation information will be recorded to gauge the amount of benefit to the stream that the improvements have.

Partnering with Conservation Resource Alliance, a 1,000 foot section of stream where M-55 crosses the river near Clam River Park in Lake Township, had in-stream habitat improvements installed to enhance cold-water fisheries.

This project was completed in fall 2007.