Muskegon River Book Project

Location: Entire Watershed

Project Status: Completed in 2005

the-muskegon-bookPurpose: Creation of a Muskegon River Book

MRWA Role: Project Manager

Funders: Great Lakes Fishery Trust and the Wege Foundation

Duration of Grant: October 2002 through September 2005

In Jeff Alexander’s own words, the book will tell the story of the Muskegon River through the eyes of historians, scientists and property owners who are familiar with the River. Alexander plans to write a book that is both educational and entertaining. This book will help readers understand how human activities affect the River and how issues affecting the Muskegon River play a role in the health of the Great Lakes.

Alexander has signed a publishing contract through MSU Press to publish this book. “The Muskegon – The Majesty and Tragedy of Michigan’s Rarest River” is now available to purchase.