Muskegon River Watershed Education Project

Location: Newaygo County

Project Status: Completed in 2008


The MRWA and GVSU partnered on this education project for the Muskegon River Watershed. Grant monies from Clean Michigan Initiative and a match from the Wege Foundation were used to develop social profiles and direct information and education efforts for local decision makers. Because one of the critical areas identified in the Muskegon River Watershed Management Plan is the Brooks Creek Sub-watershed in Newaygo County, efforts were concentrated in this sub-watershed.

Initially this project involved two municipalities. With additional funding from the MRWA, this project made sure that all municipalities in the Sub-watershed had their local ordinances and master plans reviewed and recommendations made to address the protection of natural resources.

Municipalities involved in the project included Bridgeton, Garfield, Sherman and Dayton Townships. The City of Fremont and Sheridan Township were already in the process of having their master plans and ordinances reviewed for the protection of natural resources.

In April 2007, a survey was distributed to 1700 random addresses of landowners within the Brooks Creek Watershed. This survey helped determine how informed the citizens were in watershed-oriented issues and identified barriers that may be evident in the process of adopting ordinances to protect natural resources.