Voyage of Discovery

Location: Entire Watershed

Project Status: Current

In 2010, a group began planning a paddling trip down the entire Muskegon River – over 219 miles long! The trip took 11 days in June 2011 and involved many participants. When this trip was over, the group decided to paddle a portion of the Muskegon River or lakes/streams each year.

In 2012, the group paddled Higgins Lake, Cut River, Houghton Lake, and Muskegon Lake – thus paddling the full length of the watershed.

In 2013, the group paddled the Little Muskegon River in Mecosta and Newaygo Counties from Canadian Lakes to Croton.

In 2014, the group paddled the Hersey River and portions of the Muskegon River in Osceola and Mecosta Counties.

If you would like to be involved in the trip or in planning trips, contact the MRWA.

2011 – Muskegon River

2012 – Higgins Lake, Cut River, Houghton Lake & Muskegon Lake

2013 – Little Muskegon River

2014 – Hersey River & portions of the Muskegon River

The Muskegon River Voyage of Discovery Committee was formed to provide a recreational event to promote awareness and better understanding of the Muskegon River, identify and activate stewards in each sub-watershed, and perform monitoring tasks which will assist in identifying watershed problems and issues.