New Shorescapes will Help Inland Lakes

Are you a lake front owner? If so, you are the first guardian to stop pollutants from entering inland lakes. A new type of planting called, Shorescaping, will help stop fertilizers, sediment and even goose waste from entering lakes. How so?

Plants used in shorescaping have deep roots and absorb fertilizers and hold back sediments (think dirt particles) from flowing into your lake. Fertilizers in the form of phosphorous and nitrogen stimulate algae and plant growth and create a generally dirty quality to the water. Sediments make the water cloudy as well. And the geese? …It turns out that geese prefer well mowed lawns where they leave their droppings. A shorescape is not as welcoming for them.

Shorescaping workshops will be held in Muskegon County this spring. Areas of special attention are: Twin Lake, West Lake, Middle Lake, Bear Lake and Bear Creek. Planting a shorescape is an important tool in improving your lake environment.

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