Cedar Creek HUC 4060102100020

Acute Toxicity Assessment of Muskegon Co. WWMS Metro WWTP Outfall 101 Effluent
2001 - (MDEQ)

Archived Superfund Sites
(EPA) - Listing of archived superfund sites by Michigan County.

Biological Survey of the Lower Muskegon River Watershed
(MDEQ) - SWAS conducted a qualitative biological survey in Newaygo County in July 2001.

Cedar Creek Habitat Assessment and Improvement Plan
Timberland RC&D) - assessment to identify potential improvements to benefit overall Muskegon River system.

Cedar Creek Watershed Hydrologic Study
(MDEQ) - developed to determine the effect of land use changes on Cedar Creek's flow regime

Chronic Toxicity Assessment of Muskegon CO-WWMS Metro WWTP Outfalls
1998 - chronic ceriodaphnia dubia toxicity evaluations on this site from September 12-18, 1997 and November 14-20, 1997.

City of Muskegon Master Land Use Plan
(City of Muskegon)

Demographic, health status and health indicators for Muskegon County

Environmental Focus Group Report
(Muskegon County Health Dept) - documents citizen input concerning personal environmental health perspectives and priorities.

Final Programmatic Report Narrative Road-Stream Crossing and Riparian Restoration in the Muskegon River Watershed (MI) #0501.16.052960 Submitted By: Muskegon River Watershed Assembly
Three road stream crossings were replaced and over 130 riparian acres reforested in the Bigelow Creek watershed, Michigan to begin a whole-system approach to restoring aquatic organism passage and stream function (Figure 1). The road-crossing improvements reconnected over seven miles of high-quality cold-water habitat and reduced sediment loading by an estimated 8.3 tons/year with upstream movement of Salmonids visually observed in 2018. More than 6,000 trees in the Bigelow Creek and Cedar Creek watersheds have been planted on more than 4,000 lineal feet of stream and river corridor to protect the waterways from solar radiation and increased temperatures while decreasing runoff through improved soil infiltration.

General Land Office Plats – Muskegon Co.
(MDNR) - plat maps derived from original surveyor notes of the State of Michigan conducted in early to mid 1800s. You can click on each specific township for local information.

Hydraulic Characteristics of an Underdrained Irrigation Circle, Muskegon Co. Waste Water Disposal System, 1981
(USGS) - abstract concerning the hydraulic characteristics in Muskegon Co.

Lower Muskegon River Preliminary Habitat Assessment
(GVSU) 2000

Lower Muskegon River Streambank Erosion Survey
(Timberland RC&D) 1998

Michigan Lake Finder
database of Michigan lakes by name, county or fish species. Also, gives depth, acreage and fish species of each lake.

MiCorps Final Project Report Lower Muskegon River Watershed 2017 Stream Monitoring-Muskegon River Watershed Assembly Awarded: May 18, 2017 Project#: VSM2017 – 02
The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly was awarded a MiCorps grant in May of 2017 to implement a MiCorps program in Newaygo, Montcalm and Muskegon Counties. During the grant period, one training and three sampling events were completed. Although the number of committed volunteer monitors fluctuated during the project, a number of new volunteers were added and veteran volunteers retained. The level of excitement from the current group of monitors is high and has prompted MRWA to sustain the program even in the absence of grant funds. Also, notable partnerships have occurred that will help ensure sustainability of the program which includes financial donors and a new partnership with the Missaukee Conservation District to collaboratively host volunteer trainings.

Model Analysis of the Impact on Groundwater Conditions of the Muskegon County Wastewater Disposal System
(USGS) - abstract on the model analysis of the impact on groundwater conditions of this facility

Muskegon County Community Profiles
(Muskegon Co. Health Dept) - population, culture, socioeconomic status, etc.

Muskegon County Resource Plan
(Muskegon Co. Steering Com) - resources, prioritized county problems and concerns and implementation strategies.

Muskegon River Area of Concern Watershed Project – Special Issue
(Muskegon Conservation Dist) - newsletter outlining projects at sites in Muskegon, Newaygo and Mecosta Counties.