Remembering Greg Mund

By Gary Noble
Former MRWA Executive Director

Editor’s Note. Gary Noble was the first staff member and first executive director of the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, joining the organization in 2001. He provided steady leadership for a young and growing environmental non-profit, establishing a solid foundation for two decades of achievement. When he retired in 2015, the organization was financially stable with a reputation for effective restoration projects.


Upon hearing of Greg Mund’s passing, I felt compelled to share some remembrances of his significant influence on the MRWA, from a staff perspective.

By all accounts, Greg was a “Jack of All Trades” talent that willingly shared his vast natural resource knowledge, wisdom, and experiences (upon request or not) and always in an understandable and meaningful way. His input and insights were invaluable working with staff on identifying and developing projects, implementing appropriate best management practices, preparing project budgets and even helping with project grant applications. He ALWAYS made himself available. But Greg’s influence on the MRWA went deeper.

Greg was there in the beginning. He was involved in the MRWA’s organizational conception, served as a founding MRWA Board member, and chaired the MRWA Data Resource Committee from its start until its dissolution many years later. He also served on several other MRWA committees at their start and remained on those committees throughout his tenure. Greg was the second longest serving MRWA Board member when he eventually left. His dedication was unwavering.

Greg was there as the MRWA grew in stature. His continuing support helped the MRWA gain credibility and recognition among many partner stakeholders. This was especially important with funding partners. Greg astutely represented the MRWA Board during many a meeting with key funders and MRWA staff. Most funders love to see competent Board member involvement and Greg did not disappoint.

Greg was there as the MRWA matured. Beyond his steady involvement on several committees while serving on the Board, Greg later agreed to become a Board officer. He jumped right in and was elected Vice-Chair and served in that role for many years before stepping up to become Board Chairman his remaining years serving the MRWA. In this later role, I had the chance to work with Greg on ALL matters involving the MRWA. This included fundraising among other things. The MRWA formed a “Fundraising / Development” Committee that included a diverse group of watershed stakeholders, which Greg agreed to Co-Chair. His involvement helped attract key stakeholders to the new committee. Greg and I also worked on “Succession Planning” for the organization. As I was nearing a retirement decision, Greg and I met to discuss timing. I suggested Fall 2014. Greg said he was considering stepping down/leaving the MRWA at the end of 2014 also. I said You Can’t Do That, it would be too detrimental to the MRWA. He said Yes He Could. I said No You Can’t. He didn’t. He stayed on, for the betterment of the MRWA. That was classic Greg. He will be greatly missed!