Short Stories – The One about the Bugs

On a sunny afternoon in September –as it turned out, the last truly warm day of the year – a group of dedicated volunteers gathered at Henning Park in Newaygo to complete the second phase of a three part project that launched last April.

We have discussed in detail the MiCorps stream monitoring program in previous editions of the Riverview so we will not revisit the subject now. Just let it be known that we met all program objectives thus far to earn recognition from our area coordinator:

“I’m really pleased by the dedication shown by Pat Jarrett over the last year and a half of

her monitoring leadership in MRWA. She has shown great dedication to maintaining data quality and

sticking to procedures, even when it has caused her difficulty or made some volunteers unhappy. That is never an easy decision to make. But the result will be a stronger program with data that can be

scientifically defended and can be used to track long-term changes in the Muskegon Watershed. I’m

happy that MRWA is a partner of the MiCorps Program and look forward to seeing their achievements

going forward”


Paul Steen, PhD. | Aquatic Ecologist ><((()>

Huron River Watershed Council | 1100 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


It’s always a happy day when we wrap up a successful monitoring season because it’s a great opportunity to say thank you.

First on this year’s list are the volunteer citizen scientists who do the heavy lifting. They take their jobs very seriously, which ensures the high quality data necessary for a valuable program.

In addition, as always, we appreciate the steadfast support from the Fremont Area Community Foundation.

We look forward to see our returning citizen scientists and perhaps, new volunteers, for the final phase in the spring of 2019.